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We believe in the many incredible, life-changing impacts of experiential travel and stand committed to ensuring a brighter future for both people and planet.


100,000+ plastic bottles reduced each year

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20% of trips carbon positive

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World animal protection pledge

Our brands work across the following 5 key action areas:

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Our trips meet a high ethical benchmark with regards to child and animal welfare. From curated Child Protection forums across the world to signing the Wildlife-Friendly travel pledge in partnership with World Animal Protection – we’re dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable members of our society.


We are well on our way to achieving a total ban of single use plastics on 100% of our trips. We have begun limiting plastics through initiatives such as the Travellers Against Plastic pledge, already culling over 100,000 plastic bottles from our trips each year.

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We’re adapting the way we operate and run our trips to reduce our carbon footprint. Currently, 20% of our international trips are climate positive, with emissions mitigated through gold standard certified initiatives. Our aim is to increase this percentage incrementally with each day, week, month (and year) that passes.


We empower our travellers to better understand their impact on people and planet through the use of things such as our newly introduced online Learning Management System, with informative pre-departure tips on how to make responsible choices while travelling.

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We’re minimising the impact of our offices and workplaces on the environment through use of recycling, paperless documentation, energy efficiency protocols and an introduction of green energy usage wherever possible.